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December 15, 2009
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Adobe CS4 Icon Templates by bharathp666 Adobe CS4 Icon Templates by bharathp666
Package contains PSD files. Feel free to edit them. The package also contains posters.

Non-Commercial Use only.
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DarthWound Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, I've used your PSD for this pack : [link]
I've credited you of course.
that's so nice~!
thanks you :)
another small difference/project issue...?

+the font in the set use myriad pro(this is the font originally used by Adobe through CS2 i belive, and widely described as the closest available* font).

=the font used for CS3/CS4 is "Adobe Clean" based off Gauge; both fonts are based from Myriad/M.Pro..

-the fonts are very close but with the flash icon it is kind of a..

so, i was wondering if you/or anyone else had a connection with adobe or possible access to the "Adobe Clean" fornt/..
(this provided set is so good/extensive it made me think that it might have came from an "inside source" or someone connected/. <-or plain brilliant

well thanks' again

_oh and i created a round temp. it was easier than i thought it would be..//
you're rite, the flash icon is a little dull.

The fact that none of our Icons match the true CS4 icons is because Adobe haven't released the Adobe Clean font and have kept them for their internal use.

I don't have these fonts , probably only Robert Slimbach (Creator of Adobe Clean) mite have them... :D

:create rounded ones?? -great going!! :)
how did you get/produce&/or'acquire this set/?
just wondering...
Well.. i use a lot of adobe products... and i searched the good looking icons for my dock -ended up making one..:)
you're welcome..:)

..about the rounded ones -
search for adobe cs4 icons...other artists 've done that... probably its there somewhere...
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